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New and Exclusive to Sheba: Early Detection of Lung Cancer – With 96% Less Radiation

Early Detection of Lung Cancer – With 96% Less Radiation
From now on, yearly exams for the early detection of lung cancer can be performed without concern about radiation exposure. The development of advanced low-radiation ULTRA technology enables a new type of diagnostic test to be carried out using approximately 96% less radiation than conventional imaging techniques. The revolutionary procedure was developed by the Imaging Division at Sheba Medical Center, in conjunction with Tel Aviv University.

Comprehensive studies have shown that lung cancer screening in heavy smokers can significantly reduce mortality rates. Typically, the screening tests have been performed via standard CT scans, which involves about the same amount of radiation exposure as 15 chest X-rays. This quantity of radiation is not negligible, especially considering the need to repeat the CT scan every year.

In contrast to the standard CT scans used for lung cancer screening, Sheba Medical Center’s innovative test exposes the patient to radiation that is equivalent to only 5.1 chest X-rays – a dramatic reduction. The new test uses artificial intelligence to enhance the image quality; therefore, less radiation is needed.

Dr. Arnaldo Meyer, the AI-CT diagnostic power at Sheba’s Computer Imaging Laboratory, says, “This test is associated with minimal radiation exposure. At these levels, the worry over radiation disappears completely from the playing field. Practically, in our vision, we are speaking about the future of preventive medicine based on new, life-saving radiological screening, without fear of harmful radiation.”

Sheba’s AI-CT scan – the world’s safest CT scan – is suitable for patients over age 55, who have smoked at least one pack of cigarettes a day for a minimum of 30 years, or two packs a day for a minimum of 15 years.

Early Detection of Lung Cancer – With 96% Less Radiation

Sheba, in collaboration with Tel Aviv University, paves the way for a new era in which the use of advanced intelligence technology will allow us to perform human CT exams at the “price” of very low radiation exposure – the amount of one or two chest X-rays,” said Prof. Eli Konan, Director of the Imaging Division at Sheba Medical Center. “This is bordering on science fiction. At this stage, Sheba is starting to offer this innovative service to heavy smokers who want to rule out the presence of lung cancer. We’d love to see you at our gates!”

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