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Dr. Itai Pessach – New Director of Children’s Hospital at Sheba

Children's Hospital
This upcoming January, Dr. Itai Pessach will be inaugurated as the new Director of The Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital at Sheba Medical Center. For the past two years, Dr. Pessach served as Deputy Director of this pediatric hospital. He will be replacing Prof. Asher Barzilai, who was the Director of Safra Hospital for the past eight years and helped bring it to the forefront of pediatric medicine.

“I am excited to accept this position and to continue working with the amazing staff at The Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital,” says Dr. Pessach. “This leading medical center for children in Israel has undergone revolutionary changes in recent years. I look forward to advancing these changes and moving forward with the Safra Children’s Hospital to face the challenges ahead.”

The Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital reached significant heights under the leadership and guidance of Prof. Barzilai, and it is still in the process of modernization and expansion. Dr. Pessach aims to develop the hospital even further and amplify the list of top-tier services.

“Dr. Pessach is the future of public medicine in Israel,” says Prof. Yitzhak Kreis, Director of Sheba Medical Center. “He is constantly exploring innovative treatments and cutting-edge technologies, and he cares tirelessly and compassionately for all children who need medical treatment. There is no more worthy leader for the hospital than Dr. Pessach.”

Dr. Pessach completed his medical degree with honors from the Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. He also received his Ph.D. there, from the Department of Clinical Biochemistry. He specialized in Pediatrics and Pediatric Intensive Care at Sheba Medical Center and then became board certified in Allergy and Immunology at the Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA.

Alongside his position at the Safra Children’s Hospital, Dr. Pessach is the Chairman of the Resuscitation Committee of Sheba Medical Center and a member of the Talpiot Medical Leadership Program for boosting new leadership in Israeli medicine. He is also a renowned researcher and consultant to start-up companies that work to advance unique technologies for intensive care.

“Being a pediatrician is the most beautiful profession in the world,” says Dr. Pessach. “The ability to cure and help a sick and suffering child is the greatest satisfaction.”

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