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“Divas of Sheba” Visit Tel HaShomer Hospital for the First Time

Divas of Sheba
From May 30 to June 5, the inaugural “Divas of Sheba” Women’s Mission to Israel provided 21 women from all over North America with a stimulating opportunity to explore and support Sheba Medical Center and the country. This trip occurred within two months of Sheba being recognized by Newsweek as one of the Top Ten Hospitals in the World.”

21 women from North America came to Sheba for exclusive medical briefings, tours of Tel Aviv, and a glamorous garden gala

Participants in the maiden “Divas of Sheba” group were given privileged access to some of the hospital’s top physicians and researchers. They had chances to meet with Sheba staff personally and in lecture hall settings. During these meetings, the Sheba team shared news about their latest advances in cardiology, cancer treatments, fertility, mental health, gastroenterology, neonatology, neuroscience, gynecology, oncology, nutrition, endocrinology, oncology immunology therapy, urology, hydrotherapy and more. Also, ample time was allotted for the Divas to ask questions.

“…We were able to rub elbows with some of the world’s most visionary physicians and medical researchers,” said Dr. Rebecca Bodok, from Toronto. “It was an empowering experience to explore Sheba Medical Center and journey through Israel with like-minded women who care about the future of medical innovation and want to contribute to Sheba’s success.”

Journeying off campus, the group was joined by a number of Sheba’s female physicians for many engaging trips. They explored the Rosh HaNikra water grottoes, visited a Druze village, participated in kibbutz tours, strolled through the winding alleys of Neve Tzedek, and shopped at the Carmel Market.

The Divas of Sheba also joined 1,100 other supporters who came together at a lovely garden gala to celebrate Sheba’s recognition by Newsweek.

Summing up their participation in the mission, Molly Soboroff, Executive Director of Friends of Sheba Medical Center, based in Los Angeles, said, “This inspiring trip brought smart, curious women together to experience in person just how cutting-edge and compassionate Sheba Medical Center is … We spent hours with doctors and researchers picking their brains about what they are working on, and learning how Sheba is truly advancing medical breakthroughs that will have profound impact worldwide.”

Equipped with first-hand knowledge of Sheba’s impressive achievements and visionary plans for the future, the group of 21 women returned home as passionate ambassadors of the Tel HaShomer hospital.

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