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Orthopedics Treatment at Sheba Medical Center in Israel

The Department Of Orthopedics – Sheba Medical Center

Orthopedics is the medical specialty that deals with the musculoskeletal system – the bones, joints, muscles, and connective tissue like ligaments and tendons. Orthopedists often specialize in a certain body area, such as the spine, feet, or hands.

Sheba Medical Center is proud to have some of the world’s foremost orthopedic experts on staff. These experts work closely with our skilled providers in other areas, like neurology, immunology, oncology, pediatrics, and geriatrics. This integrative, holistic approach is constantly patient-centered. This is just one way in which we provide all of our patients with world-class medicine with a personal touch.

Sheba’s Department of Orthopedics encompasses several clinics and numerous subspecialties which are discussed below. Here are some major facts and figures:

  • There are 72 total inpatient beds in two main departments.
  • Our Orthopedics Department cares for 3,900 inpatients every year.
  • The department sees 36,000 outpatients each year.
  • Over 4,200 surgeries are performed in the department annually.

Joint Replacement Service

As people age, their joints tend to wear out. This can be exacerbated by heredity, injuries, arthritis, and lifestyle. Although there are medical steps that can be taken to slow this process, the ultimate need for joint replacement surgery is common. The joints most often affected bear much of the body’s weight – the knees, hips, and ankles.


At Sheba Medical Center, surgeries offered for the knees include corrective osteotomies and unicompartmental knee replacements. Corrective osteotomies are typically performed on younger patients whose knees are out of proper alignment. The procedure brings the femurs back into good alignment and can often relieve pain and help to correct gait.

A unicompartmental knee replacement is employed mostly in older patients who have extensive disease of the medial knee compartment. Prosthetic hardware is used to replace parts that are damaged by arthritis. This procedure usually has a shorter recovery period when compared to a total knee replacement.


The hip is made up of the head of the femur, or thigh bone, and part of the pelvis called the acetabulum. As people age, they become more likely to suffer a hip fracture either from a fall or spontaneously. Hip fractures, in combination with arthritis, are a frequent cause for hip replacements. Sheba Medical Center uses the latest techniques and advanced prostheses in our hip replacement surgeries, providing our patients with the best care available.

Spine Deformity Unit

We are proud to feature a Spine Deformity Unity within our Department of Orthopedics. This unit provides the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases and injuries of the spine. These include:

  • Spinal deformities such as kyphosis and scoliosis
  • Pediatric spinal issues
  • Trauma of the spine
  • Disc prostheses
  • Vertebral surgical resection

Over 250 procedures are performed each year by the Spine Deformity Unit. We also provide state of the art minimally invasive procedures, such as endoscopic discectomies and vertebroplasties.

Orthopedic Traumatology Unit

This unit treats accidents and injuries to multiple areas of the body. While other units within the Department of Orthopedics treat trauma to a single body area, the Orthopedic Traumatology Unit is responsible when a patient has trauma to more than one body area.

After the patient is stabilized in the Emergency Department, the Orthopedic Traumatology Unit assumes care and carefully evaluates whether the patient needs surgical treatment. Types of injuries that may result in the need for surgery include falls, gunshot wounds, and motor vehicle accidents.

Shoulder And Elbow Unit

Accident and disease can affect any joint in the body, including the shoulders and elbows. The Shoulder and Elbow Unit consists of an outpatient clinic that sees around 300 patients each month as well as a surgical unit, performing surgery twice a week.

The main procedures performed include arthroscopic surgery and repairs of the rotator cuff of the shoulder. The rotator cuff can become damaged by trauma or injured over time through repetitive motion and overhead work. This unit also treats a large number of sports injuries to the elbows and shoulders.


The Department of Orthopedics at Sheba Medical Center is constantly conducting both basic and clinical research into orthopedic diseases and surgical techniques. The department instructs both medical students and residents and is affiliated with Tel Aviv University. Postgraduate professionals travel from around the world to practice, teach, and learn in our department.

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