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Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Orthopedic Rehabilitation At Sheba Medical Center

Seeing 400 inpatients and 7,900 outpatients each year, the Department of Orthopedic Rehabilitation at Sheba Medical Center provides world-class medicine with a personal touch for a variety of orthopedic issues.

The department was begun as a treatment center for injured military personnel but has grown to include a variety of advanced services.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Today, the Department of Orthopedic Rehabilitation provides:

  • Foot care for diabetic patients
  • Prosthetic services, including fittings
  • Orthotic services
  • Chronic pain rehabilitation
  • Treatment of traumatic injuries
  • Treatment of congenital conditions
  • Treatment for military veterans
  • Orthopedic counseling
  • Medicine for performing artists

Additionally, the department conducts ongoing research into a variety of areas. Current projects include investigations of enzymatic wound debridement techniques, isokinetic muscle power evaluation, prosthetic fitting with the use of temporary universal limb prosthetic, and measurements of pressures in the interface between prosthetic limbs and amputated stumps. The department also has advanced facilities available for patient treatment, such as hydrotherapy pools and virtual reality therapy units. The VR therapy units are cutting edge and one of a kind. Patients are able to use VR therapy to practice balance, gait, and exercise in a safe, controlled environment.



Dr. Oren Barzel

The head of the Department of Orthopedic Rehabilitation at Sheba Medical Center. He is an Orthopedic surgeon and Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Medicine specialist.
Dr. Barzel completed his medical studies at the Technion Medical School, Haifa, Israel. He continued as a Orthopedic surgical resident in the Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Resident in Orthopedic Rehabilitation ward at Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer, Israel.
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