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CAR T-cell Therapy for Multiple Myeloma at Sheba Medical Center

Previously offered only to patients with leukemia or lymphoma, CAR T-cell therapy is now available at Sheba as a treatment for multiple myeloma.

CAR T-cell Therapy for Multiple Myeloma is now available at Sheba Medical Center in Israel

How Does CAR T-cell Therapy Work?

CAR T-cell therapy is a revolutionary blood cancer treatment that helps the body combat tumors using its own T-cells. The therapy involves collecting the patient’s blood, separating T-cells, and genetically engineering them to produce chimeric antigen receptors (CARs). These allow the T-cells to recognize cancerous tissue, targeting and destroying it. After they are modified, these T-cells are multiplied in a laboratory and then reintroduced to the patient’s body.

CAR T-cell therapy is a cutting-edge, highly specialized procedure, and is available at a limited number of cancer centers around the world.

A New Treatment for Multiple Myeloma at Sheba

Until recently, Sheba offered CAR T-cell therapy for patients with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), acute myeloid leukemia (AML), and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Following recent FDA approval, we are pleased to announce that CAR T-cell therapy for multiple myeloma (MM) is now available for patients battling the malignancy.

Commenting on the addition of CAR T-cell therapy to the multiple myeloma therapeutic arsenal, Director of the Multiple Myeloma Unit at Sheba, Dr. Hila Magen, explained: “We are talking about an advanced immunotherapy that ‘re-educates’ the patient’s immune system to fight cancerous myeloma cells. It is truly an incredible breakthrough that opens the door for new multiple myeloma therapeutic approaches.”
The number of adults who have undergone this therapy CAR T-cell therapy at Sheba:

  • ALL – 27
  • MM – 60
  • NHL – 280
  • AML – 6
  • CAR T-cell Therapy for Multiple Myeloma is now available at Sheba Medical Center in Israel.

    Why Chose Sheba for CAR T-cell Therapy

    Unparalleled Experience

    Sheba’s extensive experience with CAR T-cell therapy speaks louder than words. Led by Prof. Arnon Nagler, President of the Hemato-Oncology Center and a world-renowned specialist in the field, we have provided over 220 patients with CAR T-cell therapy, including about 60 children.

    Efficient, Comfortable, and Patient-Centric Experience

    CAR T-cell therapy at Sheba is all-inclusive. That means all stages of the process are done on campus, including blood harvesting, genetic engineering of the cells, T-cell injections, and patient observation. The patient experience is therefore as convenient and comfortable as possible.

    Fast Availability of CARs

    CARs are more readily available at Sheba because the cells are engineered at an on-site laboratory, a process that only takes about 10 days to complete. In contrast, other medical centers use commercial CARs that must be shipped overseas for engineering, so the entire process, from lymphocyte collection to delivery, can take weeks or even months. The extra wait-time not only gives the disease time to progress, but also reduces the chances of a positive patient response to the CARs.

    World-renowned Experts

    The physicians at Sheba are some of the most experienced in the world in the field of CAR T-cell therapy. Prof. Nagler, a renowned expert on the topic, is one of the three board members of the organizing committee for the largest European conference held annually on CAR T-cell therapy.

    Sheba Medical Center is one of the few institutions where patients can receive CAR T-cell Therapy for Multiple Myeloma

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