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Yana Darom was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 28. She was pregnant with her first child at the time.

Breast Cancer Treatment at Sheba Medical
Happily, her story doesn’t end there. Yana went to Sheba Medical Center for treatment, the home of the largest and most advanced cancer center in the region. Although her fight was difficult – radiation, chemotherapy, and a total mastectomy followed by breast reconstruction surgery – Yana relied on the support of her family and the specialists for the breast cancer treatment at Sheba.


Six years later, Yana continues to see the expert physicians at Sheba. Although she is cancer free, she continues to be under close watch for any signs of recurrence.

Yana offers high praise for the care and treatment she received at Sheba, “In addition to the excellent medical care, the most important thing to me about my treatment at Sheba is that all the doctors were so kind and sensitive. Although this was the most difficult period of my life, I can say with complete honesty that the excellent treatment, amazing work, and smiles of everyone at Sheba – from the doctors and nurses to the radiology technicians – helped me to get through this time more easily.”

The staff at Sheba medical center made good on their promise to Yana: World-class medicine with a personal touch. Yana also credits the collaboration between her physicians and their multidisciplinary approach to her treatment with helping her to recover.

“Every one of my physicians and surgeons constantly communicated with me and each other. They were always coordinating together on my treatment and progress. I truly knew that I was in good hands with the best doctors in Israel.”

Breast Cancer Treatment at Sheba Medical

Yana’s Life Today

Since her treatment, Yana has given birth to another daughter and opened two boutiques for women battling breast cancer. Her shops carry a variety of swimwear, scarves, prostheses, and bras – all geared towards helping women beautify themselves and feel better and more confident.

Yana remains positive today and wants to help others do the same, “It is my belief that every woman who has struggled with breast cancer can still find the positives in the world and enjoy life. And for anyone facing a breast cancer diagnosis, I wholeheartedly recommend treatment at Sheba Medical Center – the finest medical facility in Israel.”

Breast Cancer is treatable with advanced medicine and quality care.

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