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Doctor analyzing hemophilia blood with a microscope. The focus of the shot is on the blood.

Breakthrough Hemophilia Treatment by Prof. Gili Kenet Empowers Boy’s Dream

Prof. Gili Kenet, a renowned pediatric hematologist at Sheba’s National Hemophilia Center and an esteemed professor at the Sackler School of Medicine, unveiled a groundbreaking advancement in the treatment of hemophilia—a complex congenital bleeding disorder stemming from inadequate coagulation factors. Traditionally, patients with hemophilia B endure frequent prophylactic treatments. However, Prof. Kenet’s recent study introduces […]
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Text "SCIENCE DOSE" with a magnifying glass next to it zooming in on cells and viruses. Additional elements include a syringe, microscope, and blood cells.

Navigating Retinoblastoma: Expert Analysis by Prof. Didi Fabian

Prof. Didi Fabian, a senior ocular oncologist at Sheba’s Goldschleger Eye Institute and Director of Sheba Global Ophthalmology, recently delved into retinoblastoma, an eye cancer primarily affecting young children. Emerging from genetic mutations within the retina, this condition is detectable and treatable, particularly in high-income regions where survival rates approach 100%. However, in areas with […]
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A pregnant woman smiling while talking to obstetricians and gynecologists at a maternity center.

Navigating IVF Treatment at Sheba: Hailey’s Journey to Motherhood

Navigating complex and uncertain emotions is a common experience for individuals undergoing IVF treatment. Hailey, a determined woman with a desire to embrace motherhood, embarked on a transformative journey that ultimately led her to Sheba.  After initially completing IVF treatments in her home country of Canada, the complicated process began to take a toll on […]
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Hands holding a purple ribbon for cancer day with the 'World Cancer Day' text on the left side.

World Cancer Day: Sheba’s Dedication to Cancer Care

February 4th marks World Cancer Day, a day of global observance and, most importantly, a golden opportunity to raise awareness of this deadly and multifaceted disease. Every year, various types of cancer are responsible for causing millions of deaths irrespective of race, age or gender.  The fight against cancer is not a battle that should […]
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Doctors looking at brain x-rays in a futuristic sci-fi way using VR headsets.

Revolutionizing Care: AIDOC’s Impact in Sheba’s Critical Treatments

Following the attacks on October 7th, Sheba saw a steady flow of patients admitted into the ICU with an array of horrific injuries. An array of innovations was utilized during this time in an effort to give people a fighting chance in the face of dire adversity.  In these challenging times, AIDOC stands out as […]
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Cervical Cancer Awareness Month: Sheba’s Guide to Prevention and Care

Every January marks Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, a period of time when Sheba redoubles our dedication to spreading awareness regarding cervical cancer. Globally, it currently stands as the second most common cancer for women. According to data provided by the WHO (World Health Organization) from 2020, there were an estimated 604,000 new cases that year, […]
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An obese teenage child sitting on a couch and eating a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich (BLT) while playing video games.

New Study Reveals Connection Between Teen Obesity and Kidney Disease

A joint cohort study between researchers at Sheba Medical Center and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem titled “Adolescent Body Mass Index and Early Chronic Kidney Disease in Young Adulthood,” was recently published in JAMA Pediatrics, a monthly peer-reviewed medical journal. The study revealed that teenagers suffering from obesity have a significantly increased chance of developing […]
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Commending Sheba’s Doctors and Their Global Impact

As Sheba readies itself to observe Israeli Doctors’ Day, it’s clear that our committed doctors at Sheba deserve far more than a single day. Their invaluable contributions this year have been immeasurable. The extraordinary accomplishments and honors they have achieved are remarkable, and their steadfast commitment to global healthcare has been a display of altruism […]
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Eric’s Quest: Finding Hope for Alexandra’s Stage 4 Neuroblastoma in Israel

Alexandra was deemed a high-risk patient, and doctors told Eric that, sadly, there was nothing they could do to help her. Eric refused to give up, explaining: “It was either do something or gradually watch Alexandra lose her life.” And so he decided to start exploring treatment options abroad. Following days and weeks searching online […]
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