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Fighting Aplastic Anemia – AM’s story

Fighting Aplastic Anemia
I was diagnosed with aplastic anemia in January 2018. My erythrocyte, thrombocyte and neutrophil counts were extremely low. The six months of treatment I had at Moscow’s Institute of Hematology did not bring any results. I constantly needed transfusions, and my overall condition was deteriorating day by day. The long waiting times to see a doctor were exhausting and uninspiring. It was clear that I needed a bone marrow transplant. There was no hope of finding a solution to my problem in Russia.

At that stage, my family and I decided to go to Israel for examination and consultation. We were lucky to have Dani Kutin, a remarkable and sympathetic healthcare agent, who accompanied us during our entire stay in Israel. I planned on getting outpatient care, but my condition deteriorated drastically, and I required emergency care. Dani was able to arrange for my admission to Sheba’s Department of Hematology literally within a matter of hours. Sheba’s Global patient services promptly arranged all the necessary paperwork, even though it was already after-hours by the time we arrived at Sheba. The department staff supported me with their involvement, positive thinking, and friendliness.

At the Department of Hematology, Dr. Drorit Merkel did everything to find out what caused my high fever. CT images and a bronchoscopy enabled her to establish the diagnosis: pulmonary aspergillosis in connection with neutropenia. The doctor managed to tackle the infection and prepare me for a transplant despite the fact that the situation was complicated, with new issues popping up every now and then. The confidence and calmness of Dr. Merkel supported me greatly at that moment. In addition, I would like to praise the professional competence, responsiveness and attentiveness of Dr. Yulia Volchek, and nurses Nogi, Lena, Elena, Yulya, Li, and Emil. I am very grateful to all of you!

A month later, I was transferred from the Department of Hematology to the Department of Bone Marrow Transplantation. I got very lucky. They managed to find a suitable donor very fast. I was anxious about the upcoming procedure and all the preparations it entailed, but the positive atmosphere in the department and the cheerful staff helped me overcome all the hardships. Thanks to the masterful skills of Prof. Nagler, an outstanding doctor and a good human being, as well as Dr. Ivetta Danylesko and Prof. Shimoni, the transplantation went well, and I was discharged two weeks later. The nurses in the department were attentive and thoughtful. I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Iris, Katya, Gila, Anya, Irina, Anya, Yan, and Nemir for their warm-heartedness, humor, positive vibes, and professional competence. Thank you all! You’ve helped me a lot in the fight against aplastic anemia!

Fighting Aplastic Anemia - Prof. Arnon Nagler
Prof. Arnon Nagler

I would like to separately praise the fine-tuned operation that is Sheba’s Global patient services. I want to express my gratitude to staff members Rinat, Irina, Diana, and our coordinator Viktoriya for their involvement and support. Additionally, I would like to extend the warmest words of appreciation to Vered, Director of Global patient services, for her personal involvement in my case, and for her warm and humane treatment and attention.

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