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Advanced Techniques for Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Real Stories about the Benefits of Breast Cancer Treatment in Israel

About 1 in 8 women worldwide develop breast cancer. Yet, in the face of these staggering numbers, the fatality rate has been dropping steadily for the past 30 years. What’s the driving force behind this positive trend? Precise early screening techniques and innovative treatments by experienced specialists. Real women share their experiences of how they were helped by breast cancer treatment in Israel.

Advanced Techniques for Breast Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment

Meet Yana and Lyudmila – Breast Cancer Survivors

Lyudmila had always enjoyed an active, healthy life. When doctors in Ukraine diagnosed her breast cancer, they recommended a complete mastectomy and gave her a poor prognosis. But she didn’t miss a beat. Lyudmila booked a flight to Israel for a second opinion. After undergoing a complete evaluation at Sheba Medical Center, she was treated with chemotherapy and a lumpectomy. Years later, she is still cancer-free and enthuses about her positive medical experience in Israel.
Yana Darom – Pregnant and Diagnosed with Breast Cancer
At 28 years old, Yana was pregnant with her first child and diagnosed with breast cancer. Her treatment program at Sheba Medical Center was complex and comprehensive, including chemotherapy, radiation, a total mastectomy, and breast reconstruction surgery. She asserts that at every step of her long journey, she felt confident that she was in the best medical hands. Since her recovery, Yana has given birth to a second daughter.
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Top-tier Technologies for Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Israel

Regular breast cancer screening is recommended for all women, especially from age 40. To accomplish this, a variety of progressive testing procedures are available at the Meirav Breast Cancer Center at Sheba Medical Center in Israel, including conventional mammograms, digital mammography, ultrasound, 3D ultrasound, MRI scans, and revolutionary 3D MIRA.

When screening tests lead to a suspicion of breast cancer, highly precise diagnostic procedures are performed immediately. The results of these tests are used to either rule out or confirm a diagnosis of breast cancer. If a tumor is detected, highly experienced experts will use advanced techniques to stage the disease precisely and custom design a program for comprehensive breast cancer treatment in Israel.

metastatic breast cancer detection by MIRA 3D

Leading-edge Options for Breast Cancer Treatment in Israel

Cancer treatment can be approached in several different ways, which is why a multidisciplinary team of doctors collaborates to plan each patient’s comprehensive therapy at Sheba, from start-to-finish.

Treatment options for metastatic breast cancer include one or a combination of the following techniques:

  • Surgery, using the latest surgical procedures
  • Chemotherapy, conventional and targeted therapies
  • Hormone therapy, can reduce risk of breast cancer returning after surgery
  • Radiation therapy, often used along with other treatments
  • Focused ultrasound (FUS), a non-invasive method of destroying cancer cells with US waves (currently in an experimental phase at Sheba)

Life After Breast Cancer – Reconstructive Surgery

The treatment doesn’t end once the therapies are over and cancer has gone. The overall well-being of each individual is prioritized by a holistic approach to healthcare. At Sheba, reconstructive surgery after breast cancer includes revolutionary techniques, such as skin-sparing mastectomy and the “microvascular tissue flap,” which optimizes the natural appearance of reconstructed breasts.

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