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A Year of Impressive Achievements for Sheba Medical Center

Impressive achievements for Sheba Medical Center
With great pride in our hospital and dedicated team, we present a review of several distinctions awarded to Sheba physicians in the past few months.

Dr. Yuri Goldes – Civil Service Commissioner of Excellence

Dr. Yuri Goldes, Deputy Director of Surgery B, Director of the Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery Unit, and Outstanding Employee Award Winner at Sheba for 2019, was awarded Commissioner of Civil Service for personal excellence. He is widely regarded as a gifted doctor and surgeon. As one of the first in Israel to specialize in upper gastrointestinal medicine, he is considered to be a “father” in the field. Patients and medical interns travel from afar to benefit from his expertise.

Approximately 45,000 employees were recommended to the committee by 40 medical centers across the country. Of these, eight staff members were chosen from government hospitals as role models to help lead the medical centers forward.

In his personal recommendation for Dr. Goldes, Prof. Mordechai Gutman, Director of the Department of Surgery at Sheba, wrote, “Dr. Goldes is an excellent physician and a rare, caring and authoritative person, knowledgeable in his field and a highly skilled surgeon. Dr. Goldes is admired by the interns and viewed as a role model. He is one of the leading doctors of his generation at Sheba and in Israel.”

Avi Baruch, Deputy Director of Sheba Medical Center and Human Resources, wrote, “Dr. Goldes is an outstanding, dedicated and professional physician and being chosen to receive the Commissioner Award for personal excellence – out of about 45,000 candidates – proves this. Dr. Goldes is a doctor who symbolizes Sheba’s unique DNA, which makes the hospital into the leading medical center it is.”

In response to being granted this honorary award, Dr. Goldes said, “I am thrilled to win. I thank Sheba and Prof. Gutman for the trust they constantly give me and the opportunity to run the unit, bringing it to new heights as a leader in the country and the world.”

Dr. Leonid Sternik – Chairman of the Israeli Heart and Chest Surgery Association

Dr. Leonid Sternik, Director of Cardiac Surgery, was recently elected chairman of the Israeli Heart and Chest Surgery Association, a professional organization that outlines the guidelines for cardiac care and promotes new approaches and innovative, patient-centric treatments. The Association is responsible for coordinating international professional conferences and promoting collaboration between cardiac and thoracic surgeons in Israel and worldwide. It also supports relevant research and helps to guide the instruction and training of future generations of cardiac and thoracic specialists.

Dr. Sternik began working at Sheba in 1992. From 1999 to 2001, he worked as a heart surgeon at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in the United States. Afterwards, he returned to Sheba and was appointed Director of Cardiac Surgery in January 2018.

Prof. Annick Raz-Rothschild – Award from the Rare Disease Coalition

Prof. Annick Raz-Rothschild, Director of the Rare Diseases Unit at the Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital at Sheba, hosted the sixth consecutive annual conference to raise awareness of rare diseases. Held on February 2, the International Day of Rare Diseases, the 2020 theme was “Rare Disease Diagnosed; What Now?”

During the conference, Prof. Raz-Rothschild was granted an award of recognition from the Rare Disease Coalition in Israel, in recognition of her efforts to advance the treatment of rare diseases. In addition to Prof. Raz-Rothschild, the award was also given to various individuals and organizations who work tirelessly and zealously to promote rare disease treatments.

Prof. Raz-Rothschild is a geneticist pediatrician who has dedicated many years of her life to the field of rare diseases. She has immersed herself into this cause on a personal, professional and national level. Hundreds of patients from Israel and abroad visit the Rare Disease Unit at Sheba each year.

“Thank you so much for choosing to give me this recognition!” said Prof. Raz-Rothschild excitedly. “One of the first geneticists in the country, Prof. Richard Mordechai Goodman, who was my early mentor, taught me to view things differently. He taught me to see the person in my patient, and not the person with the ailments, and it fascinated me.”

She added, “There are over half a million people in Israel living with rare diseases, it’s not a small number. My dream is to give a home to all patients with rare diseases and their families who are coping with rare disease.”

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