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Sheba Scientists Have Been Awarded a 2.1 Million USD Grant to Study the Effect of Mitochondria on the Immune System and Microbiome

“Hopefully we can improve our understanding of neurodegenerative and metabolic diseases and develop improved treatment options.”

Doctors and scientists at Sheba Medical Center are engaged in a study that recently received significant funding. The research focuses on the effects mitochondrial activity has on the immune system and gut microbiome. Among other things, it examines the reasons behind changes in the composition of the microbiome during various diseases.

Recognizing the importance of the research, The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) granted 2.1 million USD to finance it.

The grant will fund the next step of the study: analyzing the effects that the interaction between mitochondrial activity, the immune system, and the microbiome composition have on cancer development.

Scientists work  on the study to find out how mitochondria affect the immune system

According to Dr. Tal Yardeni, head of the newly-founded Mitochondrial Research Lab at Sheba and one of the lead researchers: “The NIH’s recognition of the importance of the mitochondrial activity’s impact on the gut microbiome and the immune system is part of a paradigm shift in medicine. I hope that, through this research, we can improve our understanding of neurodegenerative and metabolic diseases, resulting in new and improved treatment options for patients”.

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